National Gaia-X Hubs by end of Jun 2021

Last week we asked you how you want to contribute to Gaia-X. 35% of you answered they favour entering their National Gaia-X Hub in order to contribute to the project. Well, it is definitely high time to give a current overview on the status of Gaia-X Hubs.​

? By June 30th ?? ???? have been inaugurated or or even startet operations. Some of them can be found here on Linkedin such as? ​Gaia-X Hub France
? Gaia-X Hub Germany
? Gaia-X Hub Slovenia
? Gaia-X Luxembourg
? Gaia-X Hub Slovakia
? Gaia-X Hub the NetherlandsIf you are interested in joining in here is where you can already find Gaia-X Hubs: ???????, ???????, ??????, ???????, ????? ???????, ??????, ?????, ?????????, ??? ???????????, ??????, ????????, ????????, ???????? and ​?????.Further information on the project as well as on other ways to join Gaia-X can be found on our website ?