About Us – Gaia-X Hub Slovakia

The Slovak Gaia-X Hub acts as the voice of user ecosystems in Slovakia. Its main objective is to develop ecosystems, to bundle national initiatives, and to provide a central point of contact to anyone in Slovakia who is interested in Gaia-X.

The Slovak Gaia-X Hub is in close exchange with other national Gaia-X Hubs to ensure international alignment regarding their activities, the definition of requirements, and the identification of common regulatory hurdles. Gaia-X Hubs support the growth of a dynamic, community-driven ecosystem, from a national towards a European level.

The Slovak Gaia-X Hub provides important functions that complement the Gaia-X Association:

  1. It serves as a first point of contact for interested parties in Slovakia.
  2. It aligns Gaia-X with all relevant initiatives that share the same goals and visions of Gaia-X as an open sovereign data infrastructure.
  3. It consolidates regional domain-specific expert communities and prepares input for discussion on a European level.
  4. Requirements articulated in the Slovak Gaia-X Hub are validated in European Domain Working Groups.
  5. The Slovak Gaia-X Hub contributes to the goals of the European Strategy on Data, especially towards developing European Data Spaces.

The Gaia-X Hub Slovakia is currently active in several domain working groups:

  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Industry 4.0
  • Geoinformation
  • Mobility

And more to come in the future.

If you would like to contribute and help shape the data ecosystem of the future please contact us – Gaia-X Hub Slovakia.

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