Gaia-X Hub Slovakia

What is GAIA-X?

GAIA-X is a proposal for the next generation of a data infrastructure for Europe:

a secure, federated system that meets the highest standards of digital sovereignty while promoting innovation.

GAIA-X is the cradle of an open, transparent digital ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collated and shared in an environment of trust.

Benefits of Gaia-X

Identity & trust

Gaia-X enables the opportunity for interoperability between stakeholders, users and suppliers in Europe in a trustworthy manner.

Federated catalogue

Possibility to partner with approved suppliers/users in a transparent digital ecosystem.


Gaia-X ensures compliance to European laws and regulations.

Sovereign data exchange

Enables European data sovereignty and possibility to new innovations based on European values.

Why participate?

Many innovations in ICT are still needed to fulfill the promises of Gaia-X. At an international level, Gaia-X works on the agreements, standards and conditions in which innovative technologies and processes for governance are brought together. The agreements with the providers and other market parties must be translated into more concrete implementations of standards and technologies.

With a national Gaia-X hub, organizations can easily participate in the Gaia-X activities.Likewise in the Slovakia. By being informed, contributing and ultimately reaping the benefits of the opportunities offered by the developments around Gaia-X.

Knowledge is exchanged and use cases are set up from the Slovak hub. This makes it clear for various sectors how data can be used more intelligently and what the possibilities are of a European cloud infrastructure and data storage.